Saturday, February 09, 2013

Dear Heart

Missing long walks in the park, scenic views drives, outdoor picnics, late night movies, sweet romantic flowers and cuddles on the couch... If there is such a thing as "rent-a-date" for valentines day, I admittedly would rent one!

However, before I go on with my casting calls, I stop myself.  This gnawing feeling is causing me to flash my warning flag and be extremely careful with my heart.  Otherwise, I would trip and fall for that next guy, any guy, who will shower me with the much needed attention.  I am vulnerable right now and so I must be extremely careful.  

I should not be going out looking for love because I am feeling lonely.   Instead, I should use this solitary time for me to develop myself and grow.  I need to be the right woman first, before I expect to meet my Mr Right, or at least the Mr Right Person for Me.

Sometimes I still wonder if it is possible for me to love someone again fully and passionately?  I guess it is possible.  I cannot honestly imagine how, but I know it is still possible.  I am hoping that when the time is right and when I meet the right man, everything will unfold - magically.  

He is out there, that person meant to be the lasting love of my love,  my best friend, my life partner, my soulmate.  The one I can ask my silly rhetorical questions to, the one I can share my laughter and my happiness with, the one I can not only share but fulfill my hopes and dreams with.  He would be the man that will sweep me off my feet, send me flowers when I least expect it, call me randomly in the day just to say he misses me and look at me in the eyes and tell me that for him I am the most beautiful girl in the world.

He is out there .... and I am here. But it is an inspiring thought to think that someday our time will come - in God's perfect time.  Meanwhile, I endeavor to prepare myself for that destined moment,  so that when the right time has come for me to meet my Mr Right, I am ready and deserving enough to be his Ms Right.... and eventually his Mrs Right.

Fingers crossed. XXX

Saturday, February 02, 2013


A picture paints a thousand words.  

This says it all.

I'm not making a decision to stop caring and stop loving you.  

I'm making a decision to stop hurting myself.