Thursday, April 04, 2013

Dream Alive

Last Sunday’s celebration reminded me that yes Jesus is alive.  And just as He rose from the dead, I believe that He is mighty and powerful enough to raise anything from the grave… including my broken dreams (and my broken heart).

Sometimes, we need to be broken for us to be made whole again.  I have been stripped off from everything that I placed my anchor on.  In my nothingness, I have learned to seek Him all the more.  And as I seek upon Him, I believe that He will slowly reveal to me piece by piece all the necessary ingredients to make me whole again.  In His time, He makes all things beautiful.

Just because I am not where I want to be at this moment, does not mean that I am not getting there.  A step back is an opportunity for a great come back.  In my vulnerability and brokenness, I begin to open and dare to allow myself to learn new things and explore new possibilities. I am now re-calibrating my dreams aligning them with reality hand in hand with God’s power and provision.  What is impossible with men is possible with God.  He has it in His power to open doors that are shut and to close doors that are open.

I trust in the assurance that Jesus loves me and He knows what is best for me, even if there are detours along the way.   I may not always end up where I thought I was going, but I will always end up where I am meant to be.

I dreamed the dream… Now, I continue the dream.  In His time, I will live the dream.