Thursday, May 16, 2013

Whirlwind Surprise

And all of a sudden there was silence ...

I have previously flooded my pink patio with my waterfall of tears and then a drought spell of silence came.  I have been silent as I was caught in a middle of a whirlwind... a tsunami of events that engulfed me by surprise before I can even blink my eyes.

It started with a drizzle of blessings with my off-shore work-at-home project with Carrot.  I have always wanted the idea of working at home.  But little did I know how hectic and stressful it can be.  So engrossed with work, I find myself skipping lunch and even working over-time until late at night.  I barely have the time to even comb my hair.  And literally, when I look at the mirror, I'm surprised to see a female version of Albert Einstein!   Yeah, sure I am my own boss, and I discovered I can be a slave-driver boss to myself!  

Few weeks later, the drizzle developed in to a rain shower. Just when I stopped my job hunting,  a headhunter kept on bugging me to attend job interviews for her clients left and right.  I declined and tried to postpone her offers but she was very persistent.  I ended up attending job interviews unprepared both physically and mentally (as my mindset was still stuck on the existing project I had).  

And when it rains, it pours.  I ended up having to choose between two job offers, even despite my unpreparedness in the interviews. It was a choice of a high-risk promising consultancy position but with short term contract versus an average business administrative role with long term stability.  As much as I wanted to take the first option, I took the second one.  At this stage, I am looking for stability. I have exposed myself with enough changes.  I think I have reached my quota of transitions for this year (...I think and I sure do hope!). I feel that I just cannot subject myself back to the level of nothingness again in a few months time down the track.  And so I chose the safest and most practical choice.... High hoe, high hoe back in to the workforce I go.

However before I was about to start my employment, a massive tidal wave of house transfer consumed me.  It was never part of my plan to rent an apartment of my own at this early stage of my new life here in Melbourne.  But circumstances has led me to it.  And what is meant to be, will find its way to its fulfillment.  Within a span of few days I found myself completing through the end-to-end process of house hunting, house application, house transfer and house decorating.  

I came here with 7 boxes of clothes, shoes and bags. I had to shop for everything to make my house a home, a resting haven for myself, a palace of comfort and solace for myself.  I sure did lived on my own in a studio apartment before but this time I feel is one notch higher, as I got myself a two bedroom unit.  For the first time, it feels like a more matured home-living lifestyle that I have ever had for myself... Am I ready for this?  I have the no choice but face it and embrace it.

As I do not have the luxury of budget and time to furnish my mini palace, I opted to go to Ikea for a one-stop-shop of everything.  Then again, what I failed to realize was that with Ikea, everything was DIY!  And so, I found myself in the middle of the home flat pack challenge. As they say, you never know how strong you are until being strong is the only option you've got.   After a few head scratches from the start I slowly began to enjoy it.  I discovered that was like a life-sized lego for big kids.  After completing my first assembly, a bed side table, I felt empowered and discovered a new skill I never thought I had.  This one tough princess can be a carpenter too!  And I now have carpenter hands with bruises and blisters to prove it!  The gradual assembly of my furniture was kinda addictive. 

I was then engulfed in between juggling my new work environment and my new home-life.  Every night after going home from work, I would try to finish one project.  And thanks to additional help with some friends, I have slowly managed to complete all the assembly.  I am not as self sufficient as I would like to think though.  I have to admit that there were assembly tasks too big a project for my tiny little carpenter hands.  Luckily, I get by with some help from my friends.  Now I can say my house is done!

Boy has it been busy and crazy for me these past few weeks. The unfolding of events came rolling over to me one after the other.  It is only now that I have found time to put myself at ease, reflect on the unfolding of events and absorb its after-effects.  Now, I face the "calm after the storm".  

Is it really calm?  Oh yes it really is, compared to the past few weeks...  And so here I am back in my pink patio, sitting on a sun-lounge chair, wearing a wide brimmed straw hat and thick black sunglasses while sipping through a glass of icy cold lemonade!   A very big sigh of relief! .. How long this will last?  I do not know.  But for now, allow me to relax and bask myself in the introspection of my new home, new work, new beginnings.  Thank God for this opportunity to start afresh and make myself anew.  I praise Him for leading me and taking my hand through this journey.  After all, I could not have done them all without His blessing.

Although it is now wintertime, cold, gray and chilly here in Melbourne, deep inside my heart the weather is bright and sun-shiney. And I just feel like I am a summer girl even with my rain boots on!