Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Pink Visions

I am not a sickly person and yet again I was caught with a flu bug. I hate being sick.  I whine a lot and I become a sour baby when I do. Imagine if I am sick alone - I play a dual role of a whiny baby and a doting parent to myself.

My splitting headache was so terrible that my face even looked horrible.  I had no choice but to go home early from work.  On my way home while riding on the tram, my pounding headache was further aggravated by my complaints and questions about my sore throat, my achy joints and life in general.  

However, my internal ramifications was interrupted, as I felt conscious that  someone was staring at me.  I looked up and saw a lady with disfigured eyes.  I looked straight in to her eyes and it pierced my soul. She is blind but she had this most beautiful smile.  She could not see me but she gave me an eloquent message.

At that point, I did not know who is more blind between the two of us?  Me or her?  

Despite her condition, she bravely faces the world with a smile, not succumbing herself to a victim mentality.  She embraces all that she has and manages to live a cheerful life.  I looked at myself and realized that my vision may be normal but I am not seeing things clearly in life.  I have had my visions locked in far too long on my pain, frustrations and fears that I fail to see the small tiny blessings that comes along my way.

At that point, I felt humbled.  I am sick and tired of myself feeling sick and tired.

I sure do complain a lot. My flu bug is nothing compared to hers. This is a lesson for me to embrace life, seek peace and contentment as well as find reasons to celebrate even the smallest wins.  As they say life is not about waiting for the storms to pass, but learning to dance in the rain.

Winter is over and spring is here.  

A new season has sprung and I endeavor to embrace it with wholehearted gladness.  


BabyPink said...

Take care, Rhy! *hugs!*

I hope you're fully recovered now! :-)