Sunday, November 10, 2013

Selah: Pause and Think of That

Today was a productive day for me.  I did nothing and that was what made it productive. I always keep a checklist in tow to keep me on top of things.  I want to drive my activities instead of my activities driving me.  Even on weekends and even at home I can never seem to run out of things to do.  There is always something to do.

I still keep my alarm on during weekends as I can never afford to sleep-in.  I Aside from giving me headaches - if I wake up past 8:30am (that's my maximum time limit) - I am also conscious of the fact that time, once spent, can never be taken back.  I want to maximize my weekend by waking up early and do things rather than spending my precious weekend hours by sleeping through.

However, in my quest for peace and tranquility, I  realized that I need a break from all of the hustle and bustle of activities. I refuse to be a slave of my mounting activities.  And so for today, I decided to press the "pause" button.    I realized that sometimes it is OK to do nothing.

So today, I gave myself a free cut.  No alarms, no checklists, no agenda.  I allowed myself to be wallowed into the empty space of nothingness and savor the passing moment.  

I still woke up at 6:30am even without my alarm clock.  I woke up to the soft beatings of the springtime rain and gentle whistle of the winds.  It was cool and windy.  Perfect bed weather weekend. I stayed in bed and enjoyed the comforts of my pillows and my soft duck-feathered doona.  In the stillness of that moment I stared at my room and reflected about this thing called life... 

My bedroom walls reminded me not to be confined within the four corners of this room.  There is a bigger life out there and I should not be afraid to conquer it. 

My ceiling reminded me that I can aim as high as I want.  The only person that is stopping me is me.  

My windows reminded me that blessings abound everywhere, everyday. I just need to keep my eyes open so that I would be able to see them and appreciate them even more.  

My bedroom door reminded me that I should never give up knocking the doors of heaven.  The bible says "Knock and it shall be opened."  In God's time, it shall indeed be open.  In the meantime, I should not give up on knocking. 

I lazed for a few more minutes, absorbing these lessons.  I needed more time to reflect, just as what by bedroom mirror is reminding me.  

When I decided that it was finally time for me to get up and conquer the rest of my free day, my bedroom floor also wanted to join the lecture and hinted that "When you fall, I guarantee that I will always be here." ... Humor me please. I shook my head and gave out a sarcastic laugh.  But before I could debunk that thought, I was reminded in all seriousness what a comforting feeling to know that I am never alone and that guaranteed there is always someone to catch me when I fall,  even far more than my bedroom floor. He is my God... Therefore, I should not be afraid to take that leap of faith because I can trust my God to meet me at the other side.

Wow.  What a powerful lecture.  I am amazed by how God can use even inanimate things to speak to us about wisdom in life, faith and hope.  And their message even become more voluminous if we detach ourselves from distractions and keep our silence.  

This experience reminds me of the word "SELAH".  It is a Hebrew word repeatedly mentioned 71 times in between the hymn of Psalms in the bible. Selah is a musical direction that denotes a momentarily pause in the hymn of Psalms as a breather for the instrumentalist/singers and at the same time stress the importance of the preceding verse.

I really enjoyed my "Do Nothing" Day. I enjoyed the rest of my day with a good coffee and a good book.   It was stress-free, peaceful and relaxing. I am surprised by this sense of great achievement even without having to do anything.  

Selah... I feel calm and re-energized.  I think today is the start of the many more future Selah's to be scheduled in my weekend calendar.