Sunday, December 08, 2013


Last Friday an ex-officemate visited town. I was glad to catch up with her. Despite the short notice, I rearranged my calendar to meet up with her. I miss Adelaide.  There will always is a special homey spot in my heart for Adelaide.  Any familiar face from Adelaide is good enough for me to feel that warm, fuzzy feeling.

She was one of the junior secretaries at my previous work whom I trained.  We only spent short time together, probably two to three months tops.  We both quit that job almost at the same time.  I relocated here in Melbourne, while she proceeded to go back to university and study full time.  Despite that short span of time together, we managed to remain in contact, here and now.

I was glad to play the gracious host and tour her around the city, according to the best of my ability, based on what little knowledge that I know about the city's ins and outs.... Which by the way, was limited!  But it did not matter.  What mattered most was that we were able to spend ample quality time together.

I am happy to see how vibrant she is and how she is enjoying her university life.  Aside from her scholastic activities, she is also actively involved in extra-curricular activities as a student volunteer and officer.  Observing her talk and looking at the glow in her eyes, I can tell that she is now much in a better state than when I first met her before.

When I first met her and worked with her she had personal issues and was filled with anxiety and depression.  She quit university precisely because of that.   I knew she is smart and intelligent and that she just needed a little encouragement and some nuggets of "coaching" for her to give university a second chance.   

I did not push the idea too much of making her go back to university.  She has had enough of that already from her parents.  Most of the time, I just listened to her and echoed her feelings and asked back some questions to help her think further about what she really wants in her life and the direction on which she wants to go.   In the end, I am glad she found her way back to university despite her strong hesitations.  But I am even more glad now to see her happy, glowing and inspired.

As we were about to leave and head home, I told her how happy I am to see her happy and how proud I am of her for going back and conquering her fears. I am really glad that she gave the pursuit for university a second chance.  Had she decided to stay with work, she will fail to discover this new brand of inspiration and she would not have met her new friends in school.

After dropping her off in her hotel and reaching home, I received a text from her.  I was a very heart warming message that really got me stunned. 

This is what she said: "It was great catching up with you.  I miss your words of wisdom.  Actually, I must thank you for your encouragement. If not for you, I would have not gotten back to university at all. I have to admit, you are my inspiration.  I want to be as happy with life as you are, so thank you!"

My heart swelled with both pride and humility.  I felt great satisfaction having made a positive impact on someone's life.  To inspire someone to be better ... What more can I say?  It is humbling and in a way also inspiring for me to be better than the person that I am right now.  

She mentioned about me being happy with life.... If only she knew... Little does she know about my personal issues and the struggles I keep to myself behind closed doors. I'm just a good actress. While most of the time I hum a tune of sunshine and lollipops in front of others, but when the show curtains come down,  I'm barely breathing, whilst multi-tasking between dodging all the lemons that life is throwing at me and pushing myself not to give up.

However, her statement hit me and sent a home run message right in the core of my heart.  As a perceived ambassador and inspiration of living a positive and happy life,   I need to walk my talk, practice what I preach and be truly happy with life - no pretense... I choose truth.  I choose happiness. I choose peace, so help me God.  

Sunday, December 01, 2013

Summer Parade

Today is officially the first day of summer.  Hello summer sunshine, I have been waiting for you.

Summer, my favorite time of the year.

Blue skies.

Endless sunshine.

Longer days.

Warmer evenings.

Summer dresses.

Strappy heels.

Alfresco lunches.

Parties in the garden.

Ice cream, popsicles and sundaes.

Life gets sweeter and better.

This summer, I have prepared a checklist of random things to do.  Things that I have not done in a ling while as well as things that I would not normally do.  Summer will just go by quick and I want to make the most of it.

Common Mr sunshine, let's celebrate happiness and good cheers!