Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Red Robin Heart

Bluebird's solo flight cruises on a steady speed as it  enjoys its seclusion within the high brick-walled towers of my secret garden.  Surprisingly, it did not feel lonely.  It enjoyed its own company, spending time with God. it learned more about its inner strengths, and was able to mend itself – gradually.

Over time, I have discovered a new and strange feeling that I have never felt before in my whole life:  joy and satisfaction in blessed singleness.  Admittedly, it took me a while to come in to terms with this.  I wanted to deny it as much as I can.  Being old and single has been one of my greatest fears in life.  At the age of 7, I knew I wanted to get married and be with someone and have someone to grow old with. I viewed singlehood as a curse that must be avoided at all cost.    However, in my solitude, I have developed fortitude.   I discovered the feeling of contentment.  I have this unexplainable peace that has left me with no other option but to admit, accept and embrace the blessings of singlehood.  Before me, I envision a life of successful career, high paycheck, lots of spontaneous travels, freedom from any ties/obligations and a pain-free heart.  Soon enough, I have learned to let go of my need to be in a relationship and embraced the gift of blessed singleness.

My Bluebird is fully mended and is happy, sassy, single and satisfied… Then came this little Red Robin.  He is one of the simplest, most unassuming, and shiest guy I have met.  I never saw it coming, nor have I ever expected it that he would pursue me.  How can a shy and meek Red Robin pursue a defensively strong Bluebird hidden within the high brick-walled towers?

Amidst uncertainties, challenges and tests set before him, this Red Robin pursued and endured.   Day and night, he consistently scaled the high towers.  He laid aside his fears fought hard to bring down the defenses - brick by brick, day by day, resolute in his quest – knowing that the reward in the end will be proven worthy of all his hard work and effort. He knocked at the gates of my heart.  By the gate side, there he stood waiting for me, shy but unashamed to openly give its red heart to me.

I was not interested.  My Bluebird heart has been enjoying its solo flight, that it even feels threatened by the idea of having to share the flight path someone else.  I have already drawn out my plans, this time for myself alone.  The future I have laid out for myself looks good.  Will I allow Bluebird's flight plan to be thwarted? ... Will Bluebird allow me to?

I turned him down.

But Red Robin remained persistent in its pursuit.  Daunted but determined. Shaken but steadfast. Unsure but unwavering.  Over the course of time, he has proven that he is serious and sincere. He is patient and not pushy. He is genuine and gentle. He is calm and committed.

Red Robin dared to climb the high bricked-walls of my secret garden.

Red Robin dared to dive the ocean deep to search for that rustic treasure chest where my Bluebird heart hides.

Red Robin dared to draw closer to God, to seek Him and ask Him for the keys.

Slowly, steady and surely, the walls came tumbling down.  Just as Red Robin was tearing down the walls, brick by brick from the outside, Bluebird was also tearing down the walls, brick by brick from the inside.

Walls are down, the treasure chest has been found, the keys have been given. Bluebird now is finally free and has found its way back to love.  Bluebird now hums a new melody of love in sync with Red Robin. Bluebird now flies a new flight of happiness, side by side with Red Robin.  

Bluebird's flight plan may have taken a detour. But the future now looks definitely even brighter and better, having to share the sun, the skies, the clouds and the rainbows with Red Robin.  

I always used to say that I am single, sassy and satisfied, it only takes one amazing man to change it.  It was totally unexpected, but I sure am glad to find my amazing Red Robin.  I am even more glad that he pursued me and never gave up.  He is amazing and he is mine.